Brand : Saul Austerlitz

Another Fine Mess: A History of American Film Comedy (Cappella Books)

D. j. cooper |

Film comedy

A comprehensive review of a broad subject. it is well written and with an effective and clear index. the book added a lot to my enjoyment of the wealth of dvds from netflix.

Ari vander walde |


I had so much fun reading this book? it made me feel like i was watching all my favorite movies all over again, but even better. usually, explaining why a joke is funny is extremely un-funny, but saul austerlitz takes the best moments of comic film history and makes them even funnier by putting them in context. i laughed as i was being told why i was laughing. the writing is superb. very intelligent but not condescending. and the author treats all comedy as serious art, be it old stars that we don't see much nowadays but critics love to discuss amongst themselves, or modern-day low-brow comedy like scary movie and it's offshoots. i felt validated in the fact that a movie doesn't have to be "important" to be important. i'm hoping for a sequel, if only i could read it again!

Reader984 |

From a fan of history/non-fiction - 4.5 stars

Thoughtful exploration of an often overlooked - yet clearly formative and distinctly american - aspect of our culture. also made me feel more versed in the culture of an earlier era which i knew little about; enjoyed reading about buster keaton and wc fields, for example. division of chapters makes it easy to pick up. good subway reading. good stuff. 4.5 stars.