Brand : Apple

Apple iPad (first generation) MB293LL/A Tablet (32GB, Wifi)

D. bowman |

Video review: 3g vs. wi-fi ipad

I thought this video might be helpful for those considering getting the 3g model. other than the 3g part, this review is fine for the wi-fi only version. ---------- hopefully my video shows you most of everything you needed to know. if not, please feel free and ask. i will try to respond. the ipad is an amazing entertainment tool. it will soon be much more than that. for those with iphones and itouch ipods, you will not be as dazzled as those who have been deprived (i have a blackberry, trust me, i know). all will love this device, but the is always a price. i mean literally, a big price :-) it is worthy of 5 stars due to the vast things you can do. video, music, pix. but not like every phone or ipod. this is completely different. this is nearly perfect.

Sjb |

Excellent experience with seller

I had an issue when i placed my order and the seller cancelled the order immediately for me and was very nice about it. i dont do to much on amazon but this experience was very good. i appreciated the sellers prompt reply and action

Max p. |

Great quality at great price

This is a great product, i am very pleased with it's quality and performance. once you have an ipad it just feels natural, and so much more handy than a laptop. buying the first generation ipad is a good move considering you can get them in like new condition for half the price that it cost someone else less than a year ago. i even wrote this review on the ipad!