Brand : GERBS

Araya Dates, 4 LBS - Unsulfured & Preservative Free - Top 12 Food Allergy Free & NON GMO by Gerbs - Product of Pakistan

Jmthuma |

Excellent product; excellent value

I've been on the lookout for high quality figs that don't cost a fortune. this product more than fits the bill. the quality of the figs is excellent; they are affordable enough that i will re-order as soon as i've finished this bag. i've bought a lot of different kinds of dried figs--these are the best.

Tammy miller |

Five stars

Soft, succulent, redolent with pine, fish, and the banana flavors that give mango its distinctive taste.

Richard a. heinlein |

Superb gerbs

Years of gastric problems respond best, for me, by chewing ginger. gerbs, my most recent brand purchase of god knows how many different labels i've tried is, quite simply, far and away the best. it retains its chew ability (i refrigerate it), has less sugar than all of the others, and remains fresh to the last slice in the bag. my gut thanks you.