Brand : Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Lightweight Litter, Multi-Cat, 15 Lbs

Aunttt |

Light litter is a priority

This kitty litter is great because it's light. it clumps well with no dust up when scooping. only downside is ivseem to go thru it faster than litters in the past. if being light and dust concerns are priorities, i highly recommend this litter.

Prplgrl23 |

Awesome litter

I have had a hard time finding this size in stores all the time. it is by far the best litter i have used. i love that it isn't any more expensive in fact it's 3 dollars less than at the stores here. the litter def keeps the odor away. i've had people come look after my furbaby while on vacation and they aren't cat people so they wouldn't clean the litter. when i got home after 4 days i still couldn't smell it. i definitely had to clean it though.

Indygirl |

No more smell

My new favorite litter. i try to scoop daily, but when i'm a little neglectful and let a couple days go by before i scoop, it keeps the smell away. it's not heavily scented, easy to handle because it's lightweight, and relatively dust free. it's more expensive, but the pros outweigh the expense.