Brand : Ernest Cline


Cody sullivan |

A mashup of all the things a sci-fi lover could want.

Anyone whose read anything by ernest cline knows this dude is into all things sci-fi! just as in "ready player one" he shows you his love and then he blankets the landscape around this new world he's creating for his stories. full of lovable characters and exciting action. cline brings in some of that misdirection and twists he loves to use to keep you guessing all the way to the end. i highly recommend this for everyone that loves "ready player one", video games, movies, tv shows and the rest of the media that sci-fi calls home.

Susie dunbar |

Another winner!!!

I devoured ready player one and i did the same with this one. and i do not game. ever. still, what a great concept for a novel and what stunning writing. really really good. really.

Dw71313 |

Fun geek lit

I loved this book so much that i'm writing my 2nd-ever amazon review for it. cline hits it out of the park again with an engaging story and winning characters. i didn't see the ending coming and i found myself immediately flipping back to page one to re-read again. i highly recommend for geeks everywhere!