Brand : James Allen

As a Man Thinketh: James Allen's Original Masterpiece

Rendal allen |

Great read

This is a great and simplified book that helps answer some unasked questions about life. as a man think so is he, so think positively.

Barbara rose |

Change your mind change and you?ve changed your life

James allen's wisdom is priceless, timeless, and eternal. he compares the mind to a garden, and you will reap what you plant. additionally. when you are not conscious of the thoughts that are floating about in your mind, your life might seem aimless, floating around and going in circles, all due to non-directed mental focus, with laser sharp precision as to what you will allow to enter your mind, along with the "weeds" of negative thoughts that must be uprooted in order for your life to bloom in its own fertile soil. one of my favorite sentences in this phenomenal book is: "until thought is linked with purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment." "they who have no central purpose in their life fall an easy prey to petty worries, fears, troubles, and self-pityings, all of which are indications of weakness, which lead, just as surely as deliberately planted seeds, to failure, unhappiness and loss, for weakness cannot persist in a power-evolving universe." this book will teach you about the power in your thoughts, as much as it teaches you about the how the negative thoughts will wreak havoc in your life if you do not take conscious control over them. buy this book, and refer to it when you are facing difficulties. it will re-ignite your mind, and you will then be able to re-ignite your life. barbara rose, author of "stop being the string along: a relationship guide to being the one" and 'if god was like man' editor of inspire! magazine

William fergus martin |

Great! course in miracles in a compact size.

The course in miracles is a deeply profound set of teaching based on the theme of forgiveness. it aims to set us free from fear; free from fear of the future, free from fear of other people and above all free from fear of god. it is mainly a set of 365 lessons (one per day for the year) plus the text which helps create an understanding of the lessons. as for myself, i did not read the text for the first couple of years. i just keep working through the lessons and repeating them. when i eventually read the text i laughed with delight at how it turns things around and sets things to rights. some may not be keen on the shakespearean style of the wording, but once you get used to it i find this adds to the power of the words. it helps take me into another way of thinking and feeling. the unusual wording helps awaken thinking outside of the usual as well. i first came across course in miracles in the late 70's and have studied it again and again at different phases of my life. it has been invaluable. i bought this version as i wanted the whole thing in a compact size for traveling. i wanted a physical book so this works for me splendidly. course in miracles has a somewhat christian flavour and some are put off by that. but i have met non-christians who adapt to it with no problems as it has a universal appeal. even so, although i have written a book about forgiveness i avoided quoting a course in miracles (or the bible, or indeed any authoritative sources) as my work is meant to be religion-neutral so that anyone can use it and adapt the exercises to their needs (religious or not). --- author kindle edition: