Brand : Jason Brant

Asher Benson Thriller Series: Books 1-3

Np |

The perfect imperfect hero

Who needs perfect heroes who get it right every time? i love ash. he's so messed up and really, badly unlucky, but he still tries to do the right thing. the books zip along at a fast pace, are never dull, and had me in turns laughing and on the edge of my seat. and the added short stories are a very nice bonus. if you like great characters and lots of action, this is for you.

Eteafa1949 |

Always stimulating!

I love asher benson, thrilling reads. jason grant can write a story like know one else. books 1 thru 3 left me wanting more. great reading!!!

Lisa binion |

An unputdownable series!

These books are filled with action, suspense, and humor. once you start reading, be prepared not to do anything else until you have read them all. book 1, ash - after a bank robbery, ash is kidnapped by the government. they want him to help stop murdock, a madman. but something isn't right. during the next twenty-four hours, ash’s life turns into a rollercoaster ride from hell as he discovers that not many can be trusted. he is kidnapped, beaten, threatened, and almost killed, arrested, and put in jail. with everything working against him, will he be able to stop murdock? bood 2, madness – a psychotic madness has infected the majority of the residents of arthur’s creek, west virginia. something is changing people from sane, rational human beings to crazed lunatics who want nothing more than to torture others as much as possible before killing them. asher benson’s government needs him once again. book 3, asher’s war - after the horrifying events that took place in arthur's creek, west virginia, asher benson has remained hidden, but he wants to find the man who caused those events to take place. modifications have been made to the phone system to prevent the same thing from happening again, but the bad guy has figured out another way to send the signal of insanity. and he does so in a subway in washington, d. c. the two short stories that are included in this set can stand-alone, yet they are part of asher benson’s life. by reading them, you see more into ash’s character. “the perfect crime” is the story of a guy who thinks his crimes are perfect and will never be discovered. he didn’t bet on asher benson showing up. in “broken,” ash wants to make it possible for a woman to communicate with her comatose husband. he doesn’t expect what he encounters.