Brand : Bernhard N. Tillmann

Atlas of Human Anatomy, Clinical Edition

James |

Great, inexpensive text

I really liked a couple plates i saw by this author and bought the text. he has a three dimensional understanding but can express it in a way that is easy to perceive.

Sharon brown |

Great book and arrived in excellant condition

This is a great referance book. the book arrived in excellent like new condition. i will definitely order from achille's_best priced books in the future.

Terri |

Licensed massage therapist

I first saw atlas of human anatomy at a local bookstore and as i was flipping through the pages i thought "this should have been our a&p book in massage school." as i turned the pages i felt like i was walking through gunther von hagens' body worlds exhibition all over again. i immediately got my phone out of my purse, logged in to my amazon account and purchased a much cheaper price than what the bookstore had it for. this is the perfect book for anyone with an interest in human anatomy.