Brand : Atwood

Atwood 91447 Water Heater ECO Thermostat Assembly

Wellytocket |

Nice replacement

Worked well to replace the non-working thermostat in our travel trailer and now we have hot water again!

Royboy1 |

Exact oem replacement thermostat

I purchased this part to replace the original thermostat on my atwood r.v. water heater,it was very easy to replace and work on.i had to disconnect terminal connectors and just peel off the old unit,clean the suface,and stick on the replacement,reconnect the wire terminals and tested it worked perfectly and without any problems.i would reccomend this product and the seller.

Kevin d. |

Factory replacemt quality

For diy replacement parts this is the way to go. great instructions included with the product. 30 minute job, and worked perfectly.