Brand : Aurorae

Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat; with integrated Non Slip Microfiber Towel. Best for Hot, Ashtanga, Bikram and Active Yoga where you sweat and Slip

Kerryrn |

Absolutely recommend this mat unless you are doing yoga in a very hot room, and sweat a lot.

I'm very pleased with this yoga mat. i use it for when i practice bikram yoga (heated to 105 degrees f), and i should add that i do not sweat as much as the average person. if i produced much more sweat, i'll be honest, i am not sure that this mat would do the trick without an additional towel placed over the top of it. the point of choosing a mat like this is to have the towel completely integrated. so, if you are like me, and do not sweat much...or if you want to use this mat to practice yoga in a room that is much cooler, i would 100% recommend it. super good value for the price, and quality of material and stitching. bottom of the mat is sticky enough to grip the floor well, so i hardly ever encounter any bunching. definitely consider choosing this mat if you practice yoga.

Bhavyani |

What a concept!

Finally a mat that combines the grippy yoga mat with a soft feel. i first saw the mat in one of my classes and was intrigued. a mat with a soft terry like rug sewn in. when i stepped on the mat it felt sooo luxurious under my feet i just had to get one and try it out. i was skeptical at first that it would be too slippery, but much to my surprise it really wasn't--it provided a soft reminder of how important it is to ground my hands in poses like downward dog. once the sweat started it just kept getting grippier. i love it and am now recommending it to others, especially those with a sweaty practice. also, it is so light and easy to carry around and the fact that it is eco-friendly just makes it that much better! i am hooked. thank you aurorae!!!

Tgreco |

Not only do i feel comfortable attempting each pose

I've used a regular mat for years and avoided certain poses because i could always feel my hands or feet slipping before even trying to move into them. with this mat, not only do i feel comfortable attempting each pose, but i'm finding that i can hold poses longer and sink deeper into them because of the security of the 2-in-1 style of this mat. so happy to have it!