Brand : Genevieve Turner

Autumn Sage: Las Morenas, #2 (Volume 2)

Barbara clements |

... 2nd of a series by genevieve turner and just like book one

Autumn sage is the 2nd of a series by genevieve turner and just like book one, summer chaparral, it was a book that i had a hard time putting away until my next evenings reading time! an incredible storyline and incredible characters in this book that come to life as you read. i can hardly wait for the next in the series! thank you again genevieve turner!!!

Nadine bach |

The plotlines and the writing keep getting better

*received an advanced copy from the author for review* this book was a page turner. i had difficulty putting it down once i started to read. it had action and was true to the time period. amongst the anglo population racism was rampant, and it was seen in this book. isabel and her family are descendants from the spanish families that settled in california with the missionaries. sebastian's does as well, at least on his mother's side. and his devotion to his mother was well understood considering the pain they went through when sebastian was a little boy and his father was still alive. isabel's character had to go through so much grief to find love and sebastian needed to work to exorcise the demons he carried around . his getting shot made him realize that he had found love but he still doubted his worthiness to keep it. all in all a riveting tale that deserves to be read, especially if you have read ms. turner's other books in the series.

Quinn |

Compelling characters

This is not the kind of book i usually read, but i am reading my way through the series. it sounded a little too dark to me because i avoid books that deal with violence against women. i thought i would just skim through it so i would know what happened. that plan fell apart pretty quickly. sebastian had me completely sucked in by the end of the first chapter, but i still didn't like isabel. i felt sorry for her, but i didn't like her. when the book moved to la, i tried to put it down for a bit, but i couldn't stop thinking about it. i tried skimming again, but i found myself engrossed once again. i realized two things in the middle of the book: i liked isabel, and this is ms. turner's best writing. the relationship between sebastian and isabel is utterly compelling and fascinating. i have never read anything quite like that, and that is saying something. i was relieved to find that we did not have to witness the violence firsthand. we only read the characters' descriptions of the incident. that may seem like a small thing, but it is very important to me and perhaps to others, too.