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BEN HUR (in French)


The best book i have ever had the pleasure of reading.

Next to the bible of course! i first read this wonderful epic when i was twelve years old. what impressed me most is the authors gift of being able to draw you into the book as though you were a person of that era. the description of various locals were stunning. one could almost smell the orange blossoms. i've reread ben hur several times and see a new beauty i had not seen before each and every time.


The five stars are not for the wordsworth edition

Reader beware: the wordworth edition of ben hur is actually abridged, though the cover says it is not. it is a repreint of an edition they did not know is abridged. unless you want an abridged copy of a book that isn't all that challenging, buy a different version! ben-hur is a great book, o9therwise

Eytukan |

Best movie ever

Great movie. even better in blu-ray. saw this at the strand theater in downtown milwaukee, wi when i was about 10 or so years old. great watching it in my own home theater.