Brand : BLUE Wilderness

BLUE Wilderness Adult Large Breed Healthy Weight Grain Free Chicken Dry Dog Food 24-lb

Bethany sanders |

Great food!

I have a chocolate lab that has various skin issues, all of which directly come from what food he eats. i had him on purina pro plan and after he would eat his muzzle and gums were red and rash-y just from the stuff touching his skin. the vet also said he was a little too heavy at 105 lbs. i put him on this and he went back to the vet 2 weeks later for a follow up- he was down to 95lbs!! his skin was also completely cleared up and his fur started to grow back where he had been chewing at himself. he has much more energy now and doesn't have that doggie breath anymore. i absolutley love this food for him. we feed twice a day, 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups at night and he never leaves a kibble, with the other food he would often leave half uneaten. his poop is also much easier to deal with because there isn't as much waste in this food, so instead of going 5 times a day- he goes once. i do wish it wasn't so expensive, but when you have a dog with allergies, its cheaper to buy this than go back and forth to the vet every month. 6 months later and he has a shiny glossy coat, sheds less and his eyes don't water anymore. salmon is his favorite flavor, but he likes the others as well. their catfood is awesome too!

Daffodil |

Great food

Blue products are healthy and nutritious. my dogs love the food. using grain free to help with dry skin and allergies.

Scott nelson |

They are pretty picky eaters but they love this dog food

I have two dogs--a min pin and a corgi chihuahua that weigh about 15 lbs a piece. they are pretty picky eaters but they love this dog food. the dogs didn't have any digestive issues when we switched them over to this food. they have been eating this daily for the past three months and all is good. i will definitely continue buying this brand.