Brand : Badger Air-Brush Co.

Badger Air-Brush Co 150-5-PK Professional Airbrush Set in Designer Wood Grain Storage Case

Det |

Made in usa quility in a attractive case

This set is really nice and well with the extra cost over the basic badger 150 airbrush. you get all three needle/nozzle sizes, 6 foot braided hose and the very attractive storage case (i posted images of the case in the "customer images") i was skeptical of the "wood grain" case in the description and no photo of it, but went ahead and toke a chance knowing that the extra needle/nozzles justified the additional cost. i was surprised and impressed at the quality of the case when i received the set. the badger 150 is a classic airbrush that has been serving hobbyist, artist and illustrators for many years. so i decided it was time for me to git one a try. my first airbrush 35 years ago was a badger 200 and i have other badger's but not a bottom feed. i wanted one that i would not need to buy a lot of extras for to get a wide range of usage. with everything that comes in this set, i was able to do everything from fine detail to wide area coverage with about any media that can be put into an airbrush. and the needle/nozzles set are compatible with my badger 100g. something to consider if you are looking to have more then one airbrush. most of the 150 parts are compatible with the 100 series and nozzles are compatible with the 200 series. the other things i look for is how hard is it to find replacement parts and and customer service.

Patricia |


The items in the kit are more than sufficent for a hobby. for people that have experience with air-brush, its simple to use and easy to clean. like other badger it's a great air-brush and, if you take care and clean it always, is a instrument for ever, just change the "o" ring for times to times. i've always been very pleased with badger air-brush.

Veritas |

But it is essentially still the same unit with all the same great features and versatility

This is my second badger 150 supplementing my original us manufactured model i purchased in 1981 which is still performing strongly. kudos to badger and us manufacturing. a couple of very minor design changes present in the current 150, but it is essentially still the same unit with all the same great features and versatility. if i had to own only one airbrush, and i did for a long time, this would be the one. many years on, i now own a lineup of airbrushes for a basis of comparison including models from thayer and chandler and iwata which are not short of their own deserved accolades. that this venerable badger 150 design can still hold its own amongst them and then them is approbation indeed. so much so that i decided to buy another last year, the subject of this review. whether you're a beginner or experienced airbrush user, this versatile airbrush won't disappoint.