Brand : Mary Beth Rogers

Barbara Jordan: American Hero


A tribute to a great american

Too often the reviews of biographies and history books end up reviewing the actual person or subject rather than the book. barbara jordan was a great, great woman. there's no doubt about that. of all history's politicans, religious leaders, civil rights advocates, political figures and intellectuals, she is the one person who truly shows us all how we should handle the issue of race in this country. this book honored her. it was truly a great read. descriptive, informative and thought provoking. whenever i ask someone about barbara jordan, they always respond with something like, "wow, have you ever heard her speak?" i was born too late to hear her more popular speeches. but, the author's effective use of excerpts from jordan's speeches makes me feel like i was right there watching her. this well researched book gave me a deeper understanding of the events of the nixon impeachment process, the carter administration, politics in itself and the plight of both african americans and women in government. i really enjoyed this book and i highly recommend it.

A. c. hughes |

Magnificent biography of a magnificent worman

This biography of barbara jordan written by mary beth rogers is truly wonderful; it captures the essence of this remarkable woman in all of its many and varied nuances. it is most poignant when it shows how her advancing illness changes miss jordan's way of viewing life. it should be an inspiration to anyone, and in this era when we are given so few people to admire in a real way it is refreshing to think that we had one such individual among us.

Kathleen manning |

Hero and statesman

This book should be required reading for anyone interested in politics. it captures, often in her own words, the soul of the best workings of a politician who continually put her electorate and her country first. in a day that congress has become so politicized that our country is suffering, we would do well to find politicians who model themselves after the likes of barbara jordan rather than the fictional heroes of ayn rand novels. mary beth rogers is to be congratulated on making available an understanding of this remarkable woman.