Brand : Aaron Estes

Bars of Paradise

Scmwriter |

Intense rollercoaster ride

Bars of paradise is a story about anthony, jameson and rebel bolder three brothers living in nj. this story appealed to me since it was set in my home state and it seemed to be an intense coming of age story. boy was it ever! it is pretty graphic, and although that doesn’t bother me it may bother others. this story cover many real life topics such as homosexuality, violence, murder, and sacrifice. if you’re looking for a read with plot twists the will have you at the edge of your seat than this is the book for you!

Diana holmes |

Intense, passionate, good triumphs over evil

"i won't pretend evil doesn't exist in this world. it's real.i've seen it.i've felt it." this is rebel's is a very intense drama where good over comes evil, but there are high prices to pay along the way. lots of strong, intense emotions that will make you cry, but also make you never want to give up so that you too can join rebel in his paradise.

Carol barnes |

Excellent book/ebook to read...

I loved this ebook it was just so well put together with the people in it.. i recommend it to everyone that just loves to read you will not be disappointed trust me.. once i started i could not put it down, will enjoy another book from this author..