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Batman [UMD]

Michael d. parker |


Classic batman in the spirit of the original. michael keaton, jack nicholson, kim bassinger, and the rest of the cast were the best.

Blake the movie nerd |

"you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs."

I'm still not sure how to spell "omelette." i think it's one of those stupid words with more than one spelling that's acceptable, but in any case, it all means the same thing. the english language is a confusing one, indeed. why did i want to become a writer? i don't know, but i still do... i do it well for someone with limited understanding of exactly where the people who invented this language were coming from, i guess. oh well, to the point... as is the usual with movies by the visionary tim burton, "batman" just reeks of visual style, amazing set design, a great villainous performance, and at the center of it all, a terrific hero. this is the best comic book adaptation ever made, followed closely by its immediate predecessor, "batman returns," "x-men," and "the crow." i'm really looking forward to what sam raimi is going to do with "spider-man." whatever happens, it'll be good, `cause that's just my pal sam, but i doubt if it'll live up to the level the bar for comic book films has been set to, after a masterpiece like "batman." everyone knows the story of "batman." billionaire golden boy bruce wayne's parents were murdered when he was just a kid, and he was there to witness their demise. in his grief, he vowed to dedicate a part of the fortune he was left, and the empire he took over, to establishing himself as a figure that would strike fear into the hearts of any person who even considered donning a ski-mask and going for an unexpected withdrawal from the bank. he became batman, the dark figure that looms in the shadows of every murderer's consciousness, ever-threatening their life as a free person. as was expected by virtually every fan of the comic book series, batman's first veray onto the big screen (discounting the over-acted adam west version) was going to be against the joker, and who could possibly play the joker better than jack nicholson? jack (an 11-time oscar nominee) embodies the joker in everyway, and his resulting performance behind the white make-up and red lipstick is astonishing. michael keaton was an unlikely choice to play batman when the film was thought of being made, but oh my god, does he do the role justice! he is amazing behind the cape and cowl. he is batman! how could val kilmer or george clooney live up to such a dynamically portrayed batman after keaton left? exactly, they couldn't! but the real star of the movie is its director, tim burton. his direction of his visual effects and set design is what makes this movie into the dark, atmospheric thriller that it is. the very close second is, of course, the maniacal joker performance from nicholson, who is given so many one-liners from the screenwriters that they must've taken half-hour breaks to stop laughing, thinking up this stuff. their work is hard-fought for and well-done. i love this movie! and remember these words of wisdom: "never rub another man's rhubarb."

Gil dow |

Best batman movie!!!

Now this is the true batman movie, begins is good but this one was alot darker and nicholson and keaton were born for their part i mean in batman begins when batman was going to face ral-al ghul katie holm's charecter ask batman who he was and he said he was bruce wayne but keaton would say 'i am batman and just go, and commisner gordon riding the bat vechil, so i would recommend this movie over begins.