Brand : Jelly Belly

BeanBoozled Spinner Jelly Bean Gift Box - 4 Pack, 3.5 oz

Mgdurham |

Fun game for all genders. lots of laughs.

My teen daughter and her friends enjoyed the game. the flavors were delicious and horrible - just as they were supposed to be for this game. lots of laughs. one good piece of advice: have a bowl or cup at the ready for when the players need to spit out a gross tasting jelly bean!

Runs free |

You might get juicy pear or you might get grass clippings

My kid has been watching bean boozled challenges on youtube for weeks now, and wanted her own box to do the challenge with friends. there are two flavors to go with each color. so, if you spin and land on green you might get juicy pear or you might get grass clippings. although my kid assures me grass clippings tastes really good, i refuse to take the chance as i am not a rabbit and i have terrible seasonal allergies. there are a lot of jelly bellies in this box, so my kid has been able to do a few challenges and still has some left over to do more. i guess there are some seriously gross flavors as well.

Mitch |

Awesomly disgusting

I love seeing my friends gag after eating this garbage. definitely worth buying if you want to joke or gag your friends.