Brand : Beantown Tea & Spices

Beantown Tea & Spices - Gourmet Loose Leaf Tea Sampler. 30 Varieties To Choose From. Each Sampler Makes 3-5 Servings. Green, Black, White and Herbal Teas. (Peony White Tea)

Michael elliott |

Clean, clear darjeeling

I almost gave this one a bad review until i realized i wasn't brewing with enough leaves. when i did that, the flavor improved instantly. the only other darjeeling i have tried was from ahmad teq company; that darjeeling didn't taste quite right. this one tastes clearer and cleaner. highly recommend. no milk needed.

Mw88 |

Excellent tea

I bought this because it is my boyfriend's favorite and it is really good. it has a very nice aroma and it tastes just like earl grey lol. it is enough for about 2-3 cups of tea, maybe four if you don't like your tea very strong. an added bonus to this was the company included like 4 or 5 extra samples of other teas for free which was really cool. ( i ordered about 15 different samples that was about 20 bucks total, so that could have been why) they shipped it super fast and we have been enjoying all of the samples that we ordered.

M |

Good cheap way to try some different things

I bought 8 packets and ended up with 10 since the company threw a couple extras in for free. i am fairly new to tea, ive been trying to replace some of the coffee/pop/energy drinks i drink with something a bit healthier so i bought an infuser and a bunch to try. i got 3-4 cups out of most of the samples as advertised. also if you buy direct from the company they have some free gift offers on their site. heres a few tasting notes, and remember i haven't tried many teas past these my 2 favorites by far: earl grey- pretty good strong orange flavor, probably my favorite citrus green- strong citrus flavors, a very close second and the rest mango black- decent, tastes as it sounds creamy earl gray- earl gray with vanilla, preferred the plain blueberry white- strong blueberry flavor, tasted kinda fake but wasn't bad cherry blossom- not bad but didn't taste like cherries much, more flowery and herbal not what i expected sencha- the better of the two unflavored green teas i had but preferred the flavored stuff gunpowder green- not a lot of flavor and grassy tasting irish breakfast- my least favorite, tasted kind of dirty and earthy or something creamy earl gray- didn't care for the vanilla notes preferred the plain.