Brand : Belleville

Belleville Men's Waterproof Steel Toe Boot Sage Green 650ST 11.5 Regular

Cody b |

Survived tests

I had bought these boots primarily for when i go paintballing. i needed them in a hurry as a big event was coming up. ordered them in time, but didn't have a chance to break them in. well, the event broke them in as it was a three day long course of running around in them. they were comfortable and helped protect my feet during a few slips in rocky terrain. the material over the steel toe started to wear down a little after that event (it turned darker, not wearing through). after further use, the cardboard inserts near one of the boot's heels started to dig into my heel. make sure to wear thick socks to avoid this. this happens with most every shoe or boot, so it does not take away from its quality. shipping was great and on time.

W m m |

Belleville 650st

Picked up a pair of these belleville 650st boots about eight years ago that were used military surplus. they were in great shape and i paid $35.00 for them and have been wearing them almost every day since then. i wore them as my every day work boots and every day since i retired in 2015. they are the most comfortable and toughest pair of boots i've ever owned. they are comfortable year round and keep your feet dry. i wanted to pick up a new pair just in case they become no longer available, but i'll keep wearing my old pair (see picture) until they wear out. i ordered my normal size and they fit perfectly. although the price is a bit more than similar boots from other manufacturers they are well worth the price.

Gabriel |

It's belleville, nuff said.

Been buying a pair of these every year for the last 5 years. these boots take a beating every weekday, all year long. they're comfortable, provide support, waterproof and breathable. i'd keep them for more than a year but i get a shoe allowance at work so i switch them out. the seller was quick to ship as well. great work.