Brand : Lew Wallace


S. doyle |

Awsome dvd

I think as the years go by this for me and many others holds the title as the epic. ok,over the top at times,matte shots,seems like rubbish to our cgi generation (i like cgi but it has had its day)but i defy anyone to sit through its bum-numbing three and a half hours plus and come away and say "very impressive". whilst not a fan of"making of" extras etc,this collection is a standout. as i have said,"awsome"



Though ben hur the movie is one of the greatest epics of all time, it doesn't hold a candle to the book. (the book plot and characters differ substantially from the movie, are much more interesting.) ben hur belongs on the short list of the greatest novels of all time, an incredibly good book you shouldn't miss!

Sw |

A masterpiece of western/technological civilization...

Seven samurai, seventh seal, casablanca, maybe shawshank--and then there's ben hur. human decency in an insane world- the triumph of hope over hate. almost the power of wagner's ring or the aeneid! if you've never seen it- set a long evening aside with no distractions and let yourself be overwhelmed.