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Telstar |

Magnificent collector's edition

Many others have made commentary about the plot 0f the 1959 version, a true epic with an epic musical score. the film has never looked better. it is *not* however 'a tale of the christ' at all, but a tale of many religions and races. the 1925 version restoration with the 1987 music score is startling. i find it, in many ways, a more compelling story telling than the 1959 version, and the visuals/effects/cinematography are stupendous for the time. the bonus disc 4 documentary does not dissapoint. the impact of the innovation of the 1959 ben hur is compellingly made, with interesting discussion of cameras, lighting, costumes, musical score, and special effects. anyone who wishes to appreciate the epics of today should study this documentary. not to be missed.

Jeff hopper |

Good as ever

Third time through this novel in the last 17 years for me, and i love it each time, as it offers an older novel's typical blend of narrative and philosophical dialogue. my only complaint might be that the kindle dictionary could not help with a number of the terms referring to old greek and roman structures and practices.

Seanmhair |

Audible version is a major revolution

This is truly an american classic. this beautifully produced rendition is gripping and gentle, passionate and pacific, touching and terrible! the story is one of love, retribution, and redemption. i had not re-read it for 40 years, so it was on old acquaintance and a new friend. thank you for making it available. this is the version read by todd mclaren, 2011, tantor