Brand : Lew Wallace

Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ


Beautiful epic! truly a classic.

Ben-hur is one of the greatest movies of all time with drama,inspiration, wit, and great action. the chariot race remains the best action sequence ever filmed. charlton heston was wonderful; perfect for ben-hur, as were all the other actors perfect for their roles. miklos rozsa's music score is wonderful too and complements the movie. the entire thing was very well done, and it is truly and epic for all times!

Greg |

Great classic movie

It was luck, or amazon logic that i was thinking about getting this movie and this one pops up! i loved this movie as a kid and this is a great edition. the quality is fantastic and so far, my family and kids love it too!

Joel k. sensenig |

My favorite movie but first time reading the book.

Extremely well developed plot and with many more characters and developed story line regarding who the christ was or was expected to be. amazing to think this was written be a union general in the mid to late 1800s.