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Ben-Hur (Spanish Edition)

Tahseen nakavi |

A tale that you will not forget! the second greatest film in history!

There are tales that have been told and this is a tale that will stay with you long after you have seen it! it is an epic spectacle in film making. this particular dvd set gives you the full background of this film including the feature version and it also includes the silent version of 1925 that is glorious. this version of 1959 is the second greatest film ever made coming a close second to 'the ten commandments.' william wyler has wrenched his full emotions while making this film and the magic has been brought out alive on the screen also principally through the majestic score of miklos rozsa. in fact, this score even eclipses the super effort of elmer bernstein for the ten commandments. the theme of christ and the individual themes of judah ben hur, messala and the suffering leprosiac mother/sister are excellent examples of background scoring. charlton heston scores in a big way once again in the principal role of judah ben hur. stephen boyd as messala is stunning and is as forceful as heston. they are ably supported by jack hawkins as quintus arrius. this is a tale of the christ with christ shown only in the background. this is done in a masterful way. the crucifixion, the storm succeeding it, the sermon on the mount, christ helping judah with water and the reverse during the climb to golgotha are very subtly captured with mesmerising music by rozsa. if you feel films are a document of a director's expression, then this is one jewel to be treasured. lew wallace's novel has been given a crown with this screenplay. this is wyler's best effort. this dvd set is a collectors' item that i will cherish eternally.

Dougogram |

Com does a good job of capturing it in digital format

I've watched movie since it came out in the late 50's and the dvd offered by does a good job of capturing it in digital format.

Harry w. haines iii |

Buy the 4 disc collector's edition

Buy the 4 disc collector's edition becuase at the price amazon is offering it at, its a bargain. it is worth every penny. the first 2 dvds are the fully reestored movie in camera 65, 2.76:1 aspect radio. extremely sharp with vibrant colors. incredible sound quality. also included on the 3rd disc is the 1925 version and the 4th disc contains 2 documentaries about ben hur and how the movie was made. if you have any interest at all in owning this movie, buy it now becuase you never know when stuff like this goes out of print. this is the way all movies should look on dvd. i see a lot of newer films that don't have the transfer quality this one does.