Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Generic for Oxy-10 Balance Acne Treatment Medication Maximum Strength Gel 1.5oz 6 PACK

Cynthia |

Very great for the price..

Very affordable and does the job. my acne and very stubborn and this calms it down and dries out the pimples. plus, you get a lot for what you're paying. 6 tubes of this can last me anywhere from a year to a year and a half. i won't say that i have clear skin now, but benzoyl peroxide has always been my go to ingredient for acne treatments.

Dee prime |

Premium quality

This is the best topical zit cream. for years, we've used the name brands at a premium price. this one beats them all. the consistency is perfect... a little thicker than clearasil, neutrogena or oxy 10. the result is a cream that dries faster and stays where you want it. we use a q tip to apply a tiny amount. somehow it's sweatproof which is fantastic if you suffer from night sweats, works faster and better than the name brands, and the price is amazing for 3 large tubes delivered

Elsa |

Love! i normally get benzoyl peroxide gels at walgreens ...

Love! i normally get benzoyl peroxide gels at walgreens or kroger but this is great and convenient because i can buy it in bulk and it works great!