Brand : Liane Moriarty

Big Little Lies (Movie Tie-In)

Jude w. |

Surprisingly good

I read good reviews of this book but was so surprised by how great it was. the characters all had such depth and were recognizable by all the quirks and foibles of their distinct personalities. i hated for it to end!

Maureen von minden |

Great read!!

I was a little hesitant about reading this book- but i truly loved it! the characters are well developed and the story is so much fun to read!!

Pattylouise |

Loved every word!

Big little lies by liane moriarty my " in a nutshell" summary... madeline, jane, celeste, renata, harper and a huge collection of other parents are very involved in the newest kindergarten class at pirriwee public. the involvement is sometimes fun...but often the involvement is quite sinister. there are cliques. there are over involvements. there are misunderstandings. there are many secrets! my thoughts after reading this book... there is much chaotic chatter in the opening pages. everyone is talking...even sweet mrs. ponder who lives right next to the school and sort of has an up close view of the school and its events. but the more you read the more everything begins to make sense. this style of writing just draws the reader in...i could not put it down. i spent 45 minutes on my treadmill this morning because i needed to read just one more page! briefly...key characters with issues are jane and her son ziggy, madeline and her husband ed and their children, nathan and his wife bonnie and their little girl skye. however, madeline and nathan were married at one time and had abigail...14...snarky...misguided. we can add celeste and perry to the mix and their twin sons , renata, her nanny and daughter amabella...not annabella...and harper...devotee of renata. there is a multitude of characters in this book especially when you add in the children, tom the coffee shop guy, other parents, teachers, and policemen...yes...policemen! everything seems to start on the first day of school when someone chokes little amabella. ziggy is accused but there is no proof that he is the bully. certain parents are outraged...a petition is formed...and the persecution begins. even when amabella and ziggy play together...even when no one sees ziggy hurt anyone...sweet ziggy is still blamed. and when the truth about the bully is finally out...the school's trivia party leads amazing that requires those aforementioned policemen! what i loved about this book... there was not a section, a page or a chapter in this book that i did not love. i loved madeline and her sarcasm. i loved her daughter chloe. i loved ziggy. heck..i loved mrs. ponder. i loved the australian beach town and tom's coffee shop and madeline's husband ed. there are stark and real sad parts to this book, too. but everything fits together and everything is extremely well done. what i did not love about this book... one man...perry! that is all i will say! final thoughts... this is a book that tells a very vivid tale about bullying, misunderstandings, causes gone wrong and what it's like to live with a bully. i cannot tell you enough how incredible this book is. would this be a good choice for you...potential reader? if you loved the husband's will rave about this book! it's multi layered, suspenseful and very cleverly written. my thank you to amazon and edelweiss for allowing me to read this book on my kindle a paperwhite!