Brand : Adam Sandler

Blended (2014)

Mividakat |

Must see!!!

Amazing movie. what a great pair to watch, their on screen chemistry makes you wonder why they are not together in real life. it had a great combination of everything humor, romance, reality and even a little sadness!

Fortherecord15 |

Drew barrymore & adam sandler = pure magic

I love when drew barrymore and adam sandler do movies together, they're just f****** amazing. even though this movie did pretty good at the box office, the reviews weren't that great, but i thought this was a great movie. i'm glad that i bought it and i would buy it again for somebody else. i hope that drew and adam consider even more movies together in the future and not be so long this next time (10 years). the chemistry that these two have, there's just no words for it. buy it!!!

Pacobird |

Spectacular, funny and clean movie the whole family can enjoy. (new concept)

Adam sandler is one of my favorite actors, producers, song writers and funny guy. when he brought drew barrymore into his movies they became spectacular. i grew up watching them as there careers progressed and when they worked together it just made the movie that much more special to me. great family movie, funny, with lots of fun, action and humor the whole family can enjoy. great job! adam sandler and drew barrymore.