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Calireader |


This is a great collection of short stories. mr. gaines is a superb talent. i have never been disappointed by anything he has ever written! one of my favorite authors!

Christopher j. helvey |

Master of the long short story

Ernest j. gaines must be acknowledged as one of the masters of the long short story. in bloodline he is in top form. in the few pages each story encompasses, gaines reveals a world many of us have never seen--the world of poor black people only a few decades ago. his characters are realistic, deftly drawn, and full of surprising depth. his language is the language of the people, and it rings true. if you don't read anything else this year, read "bloodline" and "a long day in november" from this collection.

Barbara |

Gaines is a great writer. used book was listed as "satisfactory

Gaines is a great writer. used book was listed as "satisfactory." pages were a little dirty and it showed a lot of wear but was very readable. condition was about what should be expected.