Brand : Böker

Boker Plus 01BO733 Urban Trapper Carbon with 3 1/2 in. Blade

Jimmy t |

Sleek and functional

This knife is incredibly sharp out of the box. the carbon fiber scales are a beauty when in the light. it's very light and easy to forget it is in your pocket; for good or bad! you may want to oil it once you open it. it is like sandpaper to sandpaper when you first get it. i myself did not oil it, i simply open and closed the knife for about an hour before i realized that the knife was opening smoothly.

Ramon |

I love this knive

I love this knive !!!! its great!!! light and well built and they even send a tool to tighten up screws if they come loose

Handydan |

I've heard good things about the urban trapper

I'm a bit of a knife junkie, and bought this knife to fill a hole in my collection, namely, as a high quality gentleman's knife. i've heard good things about the urban trapper, so i decided to check it out for myself. this is my first boker plus knife, and i was impressed with the packaging. it comes in a sturdy cardboard box with fitted closed cell foam packaging. upon picking up the knife, i was surprised at how light it is. you can tell that they use titanium in the construction of this knife. i got the wood scales version, which was finished well. the flipping action took a little to wear in for a nice smooth flip, but i can easily flip it all the way to lock every time now. the blade material is a quality vg10, which is what i would consider a premium steel. it arrived razor sharp, the first knife i have ever described as being actually razor sharp. it has a frame lock, and i didn't move my thumb out of the way quickly enough when closing it once; all the blade did was touch my thumb and i started bleeding. then, a couple of minutes later it bit me again and caused a second bleed. it's not the first time a knife had bitten me, but it is the first time the same knife had bitten me twice inn s couple of minutes. the fine detail work on the knife is exceptional, i especially appreciate the rounded spine. it may be made in china, but obviously boker is leaning on their producers to put out quality products. the only problem i have with it is it seems a little to lightweight for any heavy use. of course, in its role for me it is a gentleman's knife, and i don't expect to be cutting rope or carving a spoon with it. it should mostly be used for opening mail or other light tasks. i am quite pleased with this knife, more so then in any knife i've picked up in a long time. if s friend was looking for a quality gentleman's knife, i wouldn't hesitate to direct them to the urban trapper.