Brand : Sesame Street

Born to Add

Marte |

For kids and adults alike

We bought this for my kids when it was first released on cassette tape many years ago and i loved the way the henson creators paid homage to classic rock songs. i was delighted to see it was available on cd, and although i'm granny age now i still think it's as clever as it ever was. it's something just about anyone will enjoy listening to.

Amelia blinky |

This is a classic

This cd is for any parent who has had to endure a sickening-sweet kid's cd that the child insists on playing over and over on a road trip. "born to add" is based on classic hit songs like "born to run." the songs are funny and easy for adults to listen to yet the kids will love them and actually learn something.

Robin m. carlson |

Great for children up to 7 years old

I bought this cd for my daughter for her second birthday. she loves the music! she wants to take it each week for 'show n tell.' even i don't mind listening to the music, and it sure beats the barney songs. i found that her cousins, ages 5 - 9 years old, were able to enjoy this album as well.