Brand : Bose

Bose SoundTrue In-Ear Headphones, Cranberry

Sam b. |

Great for android devices and great for use with xbox one stereo headset adapter.

So far these are great in-ear head phones, i have used these in my samsung galaxy s3 and have had no complaints regarding the microphone quality. when using these in-ear headphones to listen to music i feel that the music sounds fantastic, there is a bit of lack of bass, but once i got used to it i began to appreciate all of the other subtle sounds that i couldn't hear before in my previous in-ear headphones. another benefit of these in-ear headphones is that they can be used on the xbox one in combination with the xbox one headset adapter. i must say, they sound much better than the xbox one stereo headphones that i've purchased in the past - the main reason i bought these headphones was because traditional over the ear headphones tended to add discomfort due to my glasses. so i bought these to use on my xbox one as a microphone and stereo headset and they work better than i ever imagined for this purpose. i have no complaints about my voice quality when playing online and i can hear sounds that i havn't heard before when using the microsoft brand xbox one stereo headset. my only complaint is that the in-ear headphones only come with three sizings and none of them seem to be comfortable for over 1 or 2 hours, which is a problem if i am using them for gaming. i've recently discovered that once they get into their natural seating position in my ears that this is no longer a problem.

Matt |

And they are strikingly good in several ways

Keep in mind, i'm not an audiophile. i'v ebeen using these headphones for a few months now, and they are strikingly good in several ways. first and foremost, i got sick of noise cancelling headphones, as much of the high quality portable headphones you find these days are noise canceling, which makes walking down the street with them seem a little bit unsafe. while these headphones are not noise canceling, they can easily handle volumes that might as well be. these things blast and reproduce the full range of sound much better than any skull candy or sony pair that i've ever had, noise canceling or not. these definitely outperform my gaming headset as well. i use these any time i'm on the road or want headphones first, microphone second. that said, the microphone isn't great. it's to be expected, as the microphone will hang well below your mouth when you're walking. most people can hear me pretty well, but i frequently get issues with being drowned out by background noise. i didn't buy these for the microphone, predominantly, so i'm okay with that but ymmv. if you're looking for headphones first, and a mic second, these definitely seem like an excellent choice. they have amazing sound at all ends of the spectrum (for portable headphones) and i don't know that i could find something as high quality for this price.

Dukhunr |

Love em

Finally found a set of bose headphones/ear buds that were under $100 bucks. i've tested and used bose before so was well aware of the sound and performance. there is a reason for their brand being considered the top shelf, industry standards, or bell weather. they arrived, i hooked up, and i was not disappointed this time either. getting a set of bose for $79.95, is considered a good day to me.