Brand : BOSLEY

Bosley Professional Strength Hair Thickening Fibers, Medium Brown, 0.42 oz.

Brenda cowley |

Great product.

Can't live without it, fills in gives me more volume, does not flake out or run when it rains. great product.

Krystine |

This product works very well!

I have used several other types of hair thickening fibers and this one is by far the best. i like the color, it blends in very well and covers well. i also like the fact that on a windy day, the fibers don't fly off or out of my hair. i've been very happy with it. thanks for a great product for us thin hair people!

Tiberious turner |

This one is amazing! i use it because i like my hair ...

Omg ! i viewed so many different brands of this product and i was so confused on which i should get. this one is amazing ! i use it because i like my hair to look darker in the top. this is definitely worth the money. the bottle isn't super big but it is filled all the way up to the top.