Brand : Bosmere

Bosmere PERLAT Rowlinson Latina Free-Standing Aluminum Sun Canopy with Retractable Fabric, Gunmetal Grey

Chikibaby |

No steel! no rust! one person installation is possible!

I love that there is no steel to rust! it actually looks like a speckled bronze (which i prefer) i installed it to my wooden deck. i did it by myself (female). do not attempt if windy!!! use two ladders and a level. put together one side, lay it down, and measure end to end. use one of the other base plates to mark the holes for drilling. use zinc bolt screws. then coat with silicone caulk to prevent rust, then attach the 3rd pole to base plate, attach loosely the right outer track so it swings and rest on ladder or on top of front right pole. the rest just comes naturally. took about 4-5 hours i took my time and paced myself. (i prefer to work alone, so i can actually hear myself think.) this is a british company. i wanted to contact them. i wanted to see if i could find a replacement canopy (when this one wears out) - no luck! i'll probably have to sew my own! quote from copy " made by rowlinson garden products, an english family business that has been in business since 1926. " 1 year later: still standing and hasn't fallen apart despite the extreme winds. the canopy mechanism should be sprayed with silicone to enable it to glide freely on the tracks.