Brand : Alan Rickman

Bottle Shock

Texas mom |

You'll enjoy this movie focusing on the paris tasting of 1976 ...

If you are interested in wine, you'll enjoy this movie focusing on the paris tasting of 1976 when california wines beat the french. alan rickman is wonderful!

Patriot127 |

A wonderful movie...

A quiet movie about the beginnings of the rise of the california wine industry. a fact based movie about a struggling winery in napa valley and the man that brought the california wines into the international public notice. the stars are wonderfully subdued in their performances, they are alan rickman, bill pullman and chris pine. a wonderful movie.

Shane hornquist |

By far the best wine movie ever made

This movie is one of the best wine movies i have ever seen. it's better than sideways in that it more comical and positive feeling. it has an amazing cast, beautiful scenery, and tells the amazing tale of how california wine country (napa valley) became so popular after winning an international competition with the french. amazing movie that will make you want to share a glass of your favorite wine as you watch it!!!