Brand : Broil Master

Broilmaster Briquette Rack for P3, D3, G3, T3

Ajvenckus |

Replacement parts for grill

This part fit our grill perfectly and beats buying a new grill. arrived when promised along with other parts ordered for the grill. i like it better than buying a new grill.

Nickel |

Easy to clean and fits my broilmaster reasonably well

This briquette does what its suppose too, appears to be of heavy duty/sturdy construction, easy to clean and fits my broilmaster reasonably well. i have a g3-1000. 2 bbq's in and no problems yet.

Thomas ficho |

A well made grill

It's a simple grill used to support heating tiles. can't say too much else. i love it seems to be a bit strong but it's exactly what it supposed to be