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Bulldog Drummond Escapes/Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police

Tzefirah |


Both movies were great fun to watch. if you enjoy the old detective movies of the 30s and 40s, bulldog drummond is a lesser known fictional detective from that era. the films are short, but they tell complete stories and have good plot twists, too. the documentation about the movies, discussing ray milland as drummond versus his currently unknown successor, was very interesting. the reviewer was right on target, and i would suggest reading the notes that come with this cd.

Sharon's kindle |

Bulldog drummond

I enjoy watching these movies from a time when a detective used his mind to get to the truth instead of the violence we see to much in our movies today. i only wished they had made more of these movies. i just enjoy the classics more because the scripts were better written and it is a movie you could go to with your children.

Paul j. mular |

Watch the tcm version, it has perfect contrast & sharp focus.

Watch the tcm version, it has perfect contrast & sharp focus. while not any kind of mystery (you know who did it) this is fun "gumshoe" b-movie adventure. the character actors are having fun with their colorful characters and play them up. almost camp!