Brand : E.M. Gayle

Burn (Purgatory Club Series Book 4)

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Burned - this story was an enjoyable read. ruby has to face working with zane; she isn't looking forward to it because there is something about him that eats at her. she doesn't understand why she has such a reaction to him. she doesn't consider herself to be submissive or dominant but zane's ability to manipulate fire intrigues her. my experience as it relates to this type of lifestyle only comes from the books i have read but i do not recall ever reading about fire play. fire play maybe a new subject but it did catch my attention. at times i remember being scared about how a scene would turn out with that type of play. eliza gayle is one of my preferred bdsm authors. her stories draw you in and make you feel the things the characters feel.

D. smith |


This story is a little different from most bdsm, in that fire play is definitely not something i want to try, but wow the erotic feel from this story made me want to be there in that place and that time doing that stuff. another amazing story from an author that always delivers wonderful stories. do not miss this because you think you don't want to do this particular type of play.

Katy beth |

Strong enough to admit her need

Ruby has been obsessed with fire and she's drawn to submission but she's in big denial about that even when watching zane the dom playing with fire. this seems like a pretty normal story set up but this story adds a few elements that make it unique. ruby comes from a lifestyle family and she knows she's not like her mom so she's having a hard time realizing that she can be submissive but on a totally different level. also, her fascination with fire had led her to change from firefighter to investigator for her own safety. it is interesting to watch her battle with herself to figure out what she needs and that its okay to want it.