Brand : Carlos Saldana

Burrito Vol. 1: For Guys And Gals Of All Ages (For Guys & Gals of All Ages)

Mediaman |


Wild, zany and fun! great artwork. someone should make an animated cartoon series out of it. i think that would be very cool. highly recommended.

Lil mikey |

Ripped from the pages of history!!

If you are a cartoon fan you will love this lovable character. he will take you on a journey through the fabric of history and time from a fun and delightful perspective. for all ages, especially the adult kid in all of us.

Silgo |

These cartoons are intelligently brought to life

I have a collection of burrito from carlos saldana. i have to tell you, eventhough we are talking cartoons, these cartoons are intelligently brought to life. a sophistication i have never witnessed with cartoons. that is why i am a fan. bravo mr. saldana!