Brand : Bussmann

Bussmann NO.43 ATM Mini Blade Fuse Tester/Puller Kit

Drumemo |

Great bargain!

These are perfect for around the garage or shop. i used these in my 2001 lexus is300 with zero problems. the included fuse puller/tester is great. you can touch it to a fuse and see if its blown or not before having to pull it out.

Bolt |

Nice little fuse package.

If you blow a fuse, you stand a good chance of blowing the first replacement you put it. this kit has a few of the usual sizes. the tester gives you some certainty that you are replacing the dead one. the damn things always blow at night, when you can't really see if they are good or not.

Jb |

Well made fuses; great kit w/tester

The two names i trust in fuses are bussmann and littlefuse. these are a perfect kit if you need these size fuses. plus, the kit has its own tester. if there is a fuse you need with an amperage not included here, you can always buy it a la carte.