Brand : C&E

C&E Power Extension Cord 18AWG, Black, NEMA 5-15P to NEMA 5-15R, 10 Amp, 3 Feet

Joseph a. desimone |

What a simple great solution

If you are like me and have multiple power adapters that need to be plugged into power strips, these will give you back the outlets that were previously lost due to the adapters taking up too much space. i love it.

Lewis overton |

Handy gadget

This simple cord does exactly what it was built to do and nothing else. to me, that is high praise. it lets me get wall warts off of the plugin strips or the wall sockets where they take up multiple spaces.

Book carpenter |

Useful item

I love these things and tend to use them even when it's not absolutely necessary. if i am plugging several transformers into a plug-in strip, these are perfect. they also work well for making the plug-in connection easier to get to. very clever item.