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Outstanding cast

Marvelous cast in this excellent movie! i watched it for the second time recently and enjoyed it as much or more than the first.

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Another pileggi mobster knockout!

The writing style of the author is one of the few that grab and hold my attention. his attention to detail and his research is impeccable, but the presentation makes it easy to read, digest, and understand. definitely worth the price if one enjoys the subject matter.


Casino is a must see movie.

Casino is a 172 minute 1995 universal studios release directed by martin scorsese. the cast is possibly the best cast assembled for a gangster movie. robert deniro, joe pesci, and sharon stone are the featured stars, and do a brilliant job of portraying the mob lifestyle. the supporting cast features james woods, don rickles, and alan king, all of which deliver outstanding performances. casino is based on a true story dating from 1972 to 1983 on the life of sam "ace" rothstein (robert deniro), a professional gambler who has ties to the mob. he is enlisted to run a casino in vegas for his gangster friends, who then take a cut of the profits. his friend nicky (joe pesci), is in charge of looking out for sam, and does the job with zeal. sam meets ginger (sharon stone), and falls in love. it is a storybook beginning, but then things begin to fall apart. as with most gangster movies, things begin to go sour. casino is a display of what unlimited money and power can do to those who are not careful. ginger becomes a drug addict, and strays occasionally to an old flame, lester diamond (james woods) for drug binges, spending tens of thousands of dollars. nicky becomes to mob boss of las vegas, not asking permission from his bosses for what he does. he has the fbi trying to arrest him, and is banned from all the casinos in town. he also becomes involved in drugs and with ginger, which can get them killed by the mob bosses. sam is denied a gaming license, and begins to draw too much attention to himself and the mob by going on television to plead his case. he also has the added distraction of trying to deal with ginger and nicky, both of whom are causing him problems due to their activities. eventually all the activities in vegas get the mob bosses in trouble and they kill almost everyone connected to them and the casino, except for sam and ginger who kills herself with an overdose of drugs. sam goes back to gambling for the bosses and his dream life as a casino boss is over. i would give this movie five stars. deniro, pesci, and stone are perfect for their roles, and the acting is flawless. the story line is original and compelling. the viewer gets to know the characters well, and can sympathize with them. i feel this is a movie not to be missed.