CHOETECH Qi Certified T511 Qi Wireless Charger Pad with Anti-Slip Rubber for iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 / S8 / S8 Plus, S7 / S7 Edge and Qi-Enabled Devices

John |

Works through super thick cases with kickstand. .

Big sweet spot. great easy to see charging light. charges through every case we own even the super thick cases we have on the kids tablets. my phone is a samsung galaxy s4 with speck candy shell case. then i got the note 4 withe the same case. we have about 8 qi wireless charger now. this is by far the best. i am here right now to buy another one. we have 3 kids. they all have phones and tablets. they all have google nexus 4 tablets. we wanted super protective cases. at the time we didn't know anything about qi charging. the cases we bought are 2 layers thick and have kickstand over the qi recover. this is our only charger that works through the kids case. even the 4 year old has no problems charging her tablet now.

Sc_15 |

Works great with my iphone 8

Works great with my iphone 8. i was hesitant to trust wireless charging in the iphone 8 because i read the reviews that talked about how the iphone had to be positioned perfectly on the charging pad for it to work. i have not had that issue. as long as the complete width of the iphone is contacting the pad, it will charge. i have tried all sorts of haphazard positions, and every angle works so long as the width of the phone is on the pad. the wireless charging is slower than charging through a cable, but i believe that is a problem in wireless charging technology across the board and not specific to this charger.

4 mile gym |

Works with nexus 7 tablet !!!

Was having problems charging my asus nexus 7 tablet (2013 hd) with its usb plug in charger. saw online some people had used a wireless charger to fix the problem and! it worked, and now i can get back to using the best 7" tablet that google for some silly reason decided to discontinue.....but this charger gave it back it's life!