Brand : TESSON

CREE XML T6 LED Headlight Headlamp Torch Flashlight 1600lm + 2 x Rechargeable 18650 Battery, Waterproof Design

Tyler |

Great light!

Very impressed with this light, i have purchased many different low cost lights off of amazon and so far this has the best value. although, if you're looking for a true 1600 lumen light then this not your answer. this uses a cree xml t6, which is rated for 3.1v at 3amps, at that power cree states it produces 1040lumens. so technically the claim of 1600 is completely bogus.. but, it is in fact a genuine xml t6 (great cool white color, no imperfections on/in the dome), and it throws an impressive amount of light, i tested the amount of current and it came out to be 2.7-8 amps, from the charts i've seen that will produce around 900-950 lumens. which is un beatable for this price with batterys and charger. also i feel confident saying 900-950 because it's only a tad dimmer then my thrunite tn12 (1050 claimed lumens) ultrafire's are chinese knock offs, it's a well known fact on the forums that they are the worst battery you can buy. but it surprisingly came with s decent pair of them, they are probably more like 1800-2200 mah, but they get the job done. if you're looking for top of the line pair that's a real 3400mah (ultrafire claims they're batteries go up to and past 5000mah but it's very well known the 18650 form factor can't practically go over 3300mah.. if you're looking for better batteries i always reccomend some form of panasonic battery, the panasonic ncr18650b is one of the best 3400mah 18650 batteries you can buy and is very popular. although they do not have a built in circuit that limits the output current, this is recommended for this light. to address this you want a battery that uses the panasonic cell, slaps current protection on it, and sells it under a different brsnd. by far the best deal for that type of battery is the "keeppower 3400mah li ion protected 18650 battery panasonic ncr18650b" search that, they are a little pricy but it they are worth every penny and put the ultrafire's to shame. the,end!

Sandytoo |

Unwrap the batteries!

Works great! super bright! also, this is important: the batteries inside the unit are wrapped in plastic. it will not work or charge until you unwrap the batteries. the unit is not defective! just unwrap the batteries!

Cookiemane |

Wonderful, cheap, and bright!

I am quite impressed with this light. for the price, i don't think it can be beat. switching between the three modes to turn off the light really isn't as bad as it sounds... i don't know why that's a big deal to some people... so far it has been an excellent headlamp and work light. the little glow-in-the-dark ring is pretty neat too.