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M. lee shepherd |

Very clever

Excellent characterization of all cast members; cleverly written; viewers have to watch every second to get the subtle plot twists!

Jan fogel |

Breaking bad: the conmplete third season

What's to say really? it's walt and jesse doing what they do. if you own one, you must own all. great show!!

Goughoul |

I'm addicted

Okay, as a writer you can watch the amc tv show, breaking bad, purely for the plot twists, cliff-hangers, nuanced characters, foreshadowing, little bits of backstory that come in just the right places, the way a character will show and tell with actions rather than speech, and the goal motivation and conflict that is clearly spelled out for each of the main characters. but who am i kidding? i follow this show because it is spellbinding. i'm sucked in and totally invested in each of these characters -- players in a show with a premise i initially rejected because of the content: it is about a highschool chemistry teacher who becomes a meth cook. i am anti-drug and never seek out violence in anything i watch, but i do love complex drama and a show that digs deep on why people do the things they do. it's not what they do, but why they do it that drives this show. like mad men (another favorite), which is also on amc, breaking bad features a main character that is hiding something and will act with increasing desperation and creeping self-awareness to protect and justify his actions. the character changes, goes through turning points in his life and you respond on a visceral level, because you've connected with the gritty realism of his situation, which makes almost anything possible. of course it helps that amc has found extraordinary actors for the characters in breaking bad, but i do think it is the writing and the willingness to explore the human psyche that has laid the foundation for its greatness. wow, what a show! if you watch it, start from the beginning. this show has one final season to come which i believe will be released in 2013.