Brand : Chevy Chase


Buddy gott |

One of the best comedies ever!

This movie always makes me laugh. the cast in it is incredible! bill murray's role is kind of small, but he steals every scene he's in. chevy chase's role is also sort of small, but chevy is fantastic. he's got so many classic lines in this movie. my friends and i still quote them. what can i say about rodney dangerfield? the man was hilarious and this was probably his best role. one actor who doesn't get mentioned enough for his role in this movie is ted knight. he's as perfect in this role as he was as ted baxter on the mary tyler moore show. the man was an awesome comedic actor and he was brilliant in caddyshack. besides the humor in this movie, it's also got some great 80's music in it. the theme song, kenny loggins' i'm alright is one of kenny's best songs ever. also, to this day, i still can't hear journey's any way you want it without thinking of the great scene it was featured in. caddyshack is undeniably and justifiably a comedy classic. if you've never seen it, see it immediately. actually, you should just go ahead and buy a copy of it. everyone should own a copy. it's that good.


A great movie!

The more you watch this movie the more you love it. bill murray is the greenskeeper who's trying rid the golf course of a gopher, chevy chase is the millionaire playboy, rodney dangerfield is the loudmouth,and ted knight is the snob. with these stars who cant laugh? the laughter is non-stop! directed by harold ramis, who also directed groundhog day and multiplicity directs this film superbly. the 20th anniversary dvd is excellent and improved. the picture quality is excellent! the extras are very good too. it includes a documentary called the 19th hole,which inludes outtakes,and interviews with harold ramis and chevy chase(once again bill murray doesnt do an interview!)also has cast and crew bios, and theatrical trailor. its a must own dvd!the film is a comedy classic dont miss it!

Dom miliano |

Hey wang, what's with the pictures? it's a parking lot!.

The mark of a classic movie, i feel, is the number of quotable lines it has. this one is filled to the brim - "it's in the hole" - "when you die, you will have total conscientiousness. so i got that going for me, which is nice." - "this is my friend wang, no offense." - "hey, you musta been somethin' before electricity" - "that's the worst looking hat i ever saw... looks good on you thought." - "somebody step on a duck?" - "gunga, gunga gungalunga" ok, i'll stop. three of the funniest men in comedy - bill, rodney, chevy all give great performances. laugh out loud great. ted knight is wonderful too as the man you love to hate. yes, the plot is silly and the interplay among the minor players is less fun than the wise cracking of chevy, rodney and bill. but don't let that discourage you. i say buy it just to listen to rodney, his timing is perfect, his one-liners bust-a-gut funny - "this steak's got marks where the jockey was hittin' it". he was so funny - i miss him. probably one of the best comedies ever made and it holds up today. 5 stars!