Brand : The Flying Burrito Brothers

California Jukebox


Am very pleasantly surprised by this album.

While this burrito formation has been together off and on for nearly 20 years, this was the first opportunity that i've had to listen to the john beland-gib guilbeau-sneaky pete burritos and this is indeed a pleasant surprise. beland, guilbeau and larry patton may not be chris hillman or gram parsons, but they are veteran musicians whom in this album have carried on the burritos tradition in all its glory. beland himself is a first-rate singer-songwriter (just listen to his vocals on "san fernando road" and patton's rendition of his nostalgia laden title track). in addition i was astonished to note that beland himself served with one glenn frey and j.d. souther in the pre-eagles longbranch pennywhistle, as well as stints with linda ronstadt and rick nelson - his credentials are first-rate. the jangling guitars are reminiscent of california country rock at its best. also check out the guest appearances of buck owens, waylon jennings, charley louvin, and al perkins on a number of tunes, including jenning's duet with patton on "i ain't living long like this"! i would strongly recommend purchasing this album along with hillman's (and herb pederson's) "bakersfield bound" and the electric range's fine debut to see how well california country rock sounds - even as we approach 2000.

Brass buttons |

One great song after another.

Very solid album; you won't be disappointed. i bought it because it had covers of son volt's "windfall" and the jayhawks "two hearts," but ended up liking every song. great grooves and no corny lyrics. i go back to it over and over again. i play it when i host parties, and always get asked, "who is this?" very catchy tunes and great performances.

Burritobrother |


The previous reviewer did a very good job at describing the content of this classic '97 burritos release. all i want to add is that "california jukebox" is one of the greatest albums the burrito bros. (flying or not) ever released. pick this one up today.