Brand : Camco

Camco 40126 Tornado Rotary Tank Rinser with Hose

Davewags |

Excellent addition

This product is a must if you have an rv with a holding tank. packaging was superb, delivery was fast. install was a breeze, (yes you have to drill a hole in your holding tank, duh!!). tested before install and after install. works as advertised and my tank sensors are working perfectly again. i'm going to order a second one for my grey water tank. i'll never have a tt or rv without this product again!!

Tony c |

Idea that may help insulation

Here is an idea that worked for me when installing for two tanks that also solves the fact that the hoses are too short for most practical installation other than a pop-up. go to the local hardware or walmart and get an extra hose and some male & female hose connectors as well as a good "y" hose connector (the "y" must be one with on off switches on the two outputs). run the hose that came with the units out as far as you can using the short length supplied in the kit. then fabricate extension hoses so you can run the two hoses to an easily accessible spot to connect to the "y" (i placed it near the "y" where the two tanks come together to be dumped). connect the hoses to the "y" and mark the outputs some way so you remember which side is which coming out of the "y". hook a water supply to the "in" port of the "y" and you are ready to go. let gravity work for you to drain water from the hose for winter storage. from the water in hose connector, run a short length of hose to the ground and downhill by 18 inches or so. it is very important that if you have installed a "y" connector you must assure both ports are open on the "y". if you installed the hose lines without any bows or sags most of the water will flow out on the ground or enough will flow out so it may freeze but not break the lines. if you have the time and/or desire you can play with the rv's leveling systems to assure gravity has a little help before jacking up and blocking for winter storage. add to your spring check list to remove the hose. tc

Typhoo |

Forget using a hose through the bathroom window, this is the solution!

I initially bought the rinser stick that you attach to your hose and put through the bathroom window and stick down the camper toilet to clean it. what a pain! plus it's a gross feeling to pull it back out dripping to remove it. i did this at home after a trip because it took so long to do, plus i didn't want to use potable hose lines at campgrounds to rinse the black tank with! i'd rinse at home, but then i had the problem of a little sewage water to drain once rinsed...what to do with it? buckets to the house toilet. i bought this hoping it would be more sanitary and convenient. yes it is! it was a bit more involved installing it myself as i have an insulated under carriage on my trailer as well as an aluminum rock guard. so getting to my tank at all took more work, but once installed it's well worth the afternoon spent upsidown in my driveway! let my calking dry overnight to be sure it was sealed. it made a big noise when i tested it, which surprised me, but then i realized that was normal. i had to do some doctoring with the hose, since the one it comes with was about 20" too short for my tank. i installed it on the opposite end from the tank outlet like recomended. now i'll be able to rinse using the black water line at the dump stations quickly and not bring home that "bottom of the tank" residue that never just dumps clean. my only issue is now that i've tested it, a little water stays in the line and now that it's freezing, i don't know how to get it out of the hosing. air pressure didn't work, nor did suction since the water is trapped in the hosing between the connecter on the trailer and the connection to the tank. i left the cap off in case that little bit of water freezes. otherwise a clean, fast convenient solution for really getting the black water tank cleaned out. no more false sensors.