Brand : Camco

Camco 45321 Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector, 2 pack (24 inches-26 inches , White)

Lynn |

Initial review

Just received these and was initially impressed with the weight/quality, especially for the price. i couldn't find any covers for a 19-20" tire (small camper) so i took a chance on these 24"-26" and although they are a little large, they will work fine. i will update later as to durability/how long they last. no update post past initial rating means they are ok and holding up.

Jemmie wang |

Cheap, reliable, monkey-proof

I have three criteria for devices like this: 1) is it cheap? 2) is it reliable? 3) can i completely disregard the manual? answers need to be yes, yes and yes. if they are, five stars.

Nhra4me |

Camco 45332 vinyl rv wheel & tire protector, 27"-29" diameter

Just got them so i'm not sure how much value my comment has, but what i can tell you is that the size was good, easy to install. the elastic pocket at the top fits snug over the top of the tires, and the bottom of the protector reaches the ground. you will need to lay on the ground to reach the strap behind the tire. i only purchased 1 pair and now that i see how it looks and fits, i will purchase another set for the other side. great product for the money.