Brand : Sophie Kinsella

Can You Keep a Secret?

Vagcharley |

Laugh till you just about p-- your pants

This book is one of my all time favorite lol books! the story is silly but it will positively make you bust out laughing. if i have any criticism at all it is simply that the ending drags abit. but so worth reading!

Serap boyali |

Loved it!

What a fun and interesting read! the characters you could relate to and laugh at as well! absolutely loved it!

La girl |

Another hit for kinsella

As an avid fan of sophie kinsella's, i hurried out to the nearest bookstore to get my copy of can you keep a seceret? this book is one of many by sophie kinsella. the heroine of this book goes by the name of emma corrigan. she is a junior marketing executive who is returning home to london after a business trip. emma hates to fly and she winds up having a very bumpy flight. she begins to jabber on to the gentleman next to her about just about every subject in the world, and she lets all of her deep secrets out. by the end of the flight she realizes that she probably should not have shared so much personal information with a complete stranger, but she relaxes with the fact that she will never see him again anyway. the misfortune of emma's turns out to be that the man who she divulged just about every secret that she ever kept, is the new ceo of the company. this leads to a string of events that are entertaining as most of the events in kinsella's books are. i really enjoyed this novel. i found it highly relatable because everyone has secrets and everyone could imagine if everyone else knew them. the main character in the book reminded me of becky bloomwood, form kinsella's shopaholic series. the two characters are always getting involved in something that is above their heads, and somehow they always get out of it. this was a very easy read, and it never ceased to make me laugh. i would recommend this book to any girl who wants a good laugh and a good summertime-by-the-beach book. it is fun and it will keep the reader's interest form start to finish. bravo to sophie kinsella for another great story!