Brand : Canon

Canon MP25DV-3 Desktop Printing Calculator with Currency Conversion, Clock & Calendar

Whitney |

I love a good calculator

As a nerdy accountant, i love calculators so i was so excited when the canon mp25dv-3 arrived. there are a few great features to note about this calculator. -the printing system is faster and quieter than the older model calculators i am used to using. - a variety of built-in calculations (many of which you may never use). i especially like the double check function, which easily helps you determine if your check figure matches the original calculation without having to look back on the paper roll. -a clock and calendar display and a pen holder. it’s like an all-in-one desk organizer. - extra-large display for those of us whose eyes are not what they used to be. - a manual – hold on to this and get familiar with it, especially since the “=” sign doesn’t actually work to solve equations and the * sign does. if your kids or dog misplace the user manual like mine did, there are online manuals for the canon mp25dv-3 that you can print or save to your computer. one thing to note is that the paper roll provided is thin and might not last long. be prepared with back up. loading the paper is straightforward. i managed without instructions.

M. r. simmons |

The best i have used so far

I have only used about two of these types of calculators before, and both were confusing and underwhelming even when i finally figured out how to use them. this calculator is very well made from the size, which is a little large, but i actually like that in a desktop calculator. also it is a good weight and it is very sturdy. the buttons sit high up on the face of the calculator and have a smooth press, tactile but not sloppy. this calculator comes with a variety of extra functions that make it more useful than most desktop calculators that i have tried. it prints in both black and red, and it even has a calendar function. i am not very familiar with the advanced features yet, and i do wish the manual included a more thorough walkthrough of the features, but i am very satisfied with this. this does not use batteries (has a small battery compartment for saving some settings but that is it), and the cable is built-in and not very long. i wish it did use batteries but it works well enough without them, and that is a minor issue. the keys have lovely large print on them, and the display is very pleasing to the eye. i wish they included a much larger trial roll of paper, but i guess since you would need to replace it any way at some point i just have to deal with that. i think this calculator is very much worth it, especially if you use desktop calculators a lot. i can't wait to dive into the deeper functions of this thing!

Raed haed |

Works great and is easy to use.

I used this to figure our taxes and it works very well. this is a large calculator so if you are short on space you might want to go with a smaller one. this has a lot of functions and i probably won't use them all. the currency converter is nice and i like that it has a calendar and adds the date to the top of the receipt. this is great to have for artists and crafters who like to go to craft shows and sell their products. it makes adding things up much easier and allows you to give the customer a receipt. it is easy to use.